CERN Foundation At The 2014 Annual Society For Neuro-Oncology Meeting

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This is the CERN Foundation podcast for the winter of 2014. In this special podcast, we have highlighted some of the important research presented by CERN-supported investigators at the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting and Education Day of the Society for Neuro-Oncology.

The meeting was held from November 13-16 at the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

Interviews include:

Dr. Mark Gilbert

Chief Medical Officer and Investigator for the CERN Foundation

The positive results from the 08-02 CERN clinical trial (phase II study of Lapatinib and dose-dense Temozolomide for adults with recurrent ependymoma). This was a milestone trial with two agents that have not been put together before for the treatment of cancer. We enrolled fifty patients and nearly half of the patients had their tumor controlled for over a year. In addition, some had dramatic responses and improvement and we were enthusiastic about the results. We also looked at tumor samples to see if we can find a genetic pattern that predicts a response.

Dr. Terri Armstrong

Project 5 Leader for Patient Outcomes and Symptom Management for the CERN Foundation

Results from the patient-reported outcomes from the 08-02 CERN clinical trial (phase II study of Lapatinib and dose-dense Temozolomide for adults with recurrent ependymoma). These surveys help us to understand the impact on the patient from treatment. Not only did the treatment improve progression-free survival, it also improved patient’s symptoms. These endpoints should be included in all brain tumor trials.

Kimberly Wallgren

Patient and Outreach Liaison for the CERN Foundation

While participating in the caregiver advocate panel during the Quality of Life session, she is outlining important topics that were discussed including: the importance of kindness in physician-patient relationships, support groups and being a caregiver for brain tumor patients.

Dr. Richard Gilbertson

Co-Principal Investigator the CERN Foundation

Overview of his presentation titled, Ependymoma – the Story So Far. Update on the progress that he and his colleagues have made in better understanding this difficult disease. In recent years, have found that these tumors have different genetic defects in them, they arise from different cell types and they have devised new models. He also explains what is on the horizon, including new drug development and understanding the basic biology of ependymoma.

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