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Ependymoma Awareness Day (EAD) was established in 2012 by the CERN Foundation as part of a global effort to shine a light on this poorly understood disease. Our goal with Ependymoma Awareness Day is to increase public recognition of this rare tumor, highlight the importance of an accurate diagnosis, and the urgent need for better targeted treatments in order to improve the outcomes for those living with this disease.

“I watched and thought - if only THIS is what people would see when they Google 'ependymoma'!!! Such great information!” Beth


Connecting you with other ependymoma patients and caregivers.

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Connecting you with neuro-oncologists who specialize in treating ependymoma.

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  • Ependymoma Basics

    If you or a loved one has just been diagnosed, we are here to help you get the facts on ependymoma. Learn More

  • Support

    Ways you can help care for yourself or a loved one during and after ependymoma treatment. Learn More

  • Diagnosis

    Learn how ependymoma is diagnosed, what it looks like and what to do after being diagnosed. Learn More

  • Resources

    Find resources from other patients and caregivers and experts in the medical community. Learn More

  • Treatment

    To make the best ependymoma treatment decisions, you need to understand all of your options. Learn More

  • Get Involved

    Ways you can help us expand our understanding of ependymoma, raise additional funding, or create more awareness of ependymoma. Learn More

“When I was first diagnosed six years ago - my life was turned upside down. I contacted the CERN Foundation and they were so kind and genuinely interested in providing information and direction. With their help, I was able to find a medical center experienced in treating ependymoma.”

Patrick R.

Patrick R.

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CERN Foundation Releases Ependymoma Community Blog Series

CERN Foundation Releases Ependymoma Community Blog Series

Featuring a collection of articles written by members of the ependymoma community. Some authors are ependymoma survivors and others are care partners. They share their advice to help others with ependymoma cope with their illness.

  • Jun23

    Funding Opportunity! Posterior Fossa A Ependymoma Translational Research Award
    National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) is pleased to announce a request for proposals (RFP) for projects related to Posterior Fossa A (PFA) ependymoma, an underserved cancer that occurs primarily in young children and is generally associated with a poor outcome.

  • Jun13

    Ependymoma Key Issues
    The Ependymoma Key Issue effort serves as a critical example for other groups that are looking for a launching point to address how their unique challenges and opportunities fit within the larger narrative needs of the global brain tumor community.

  • Jun9

    2023 Ependymoma Awareness Day Outreach Report
    ​​In a groundswell of international support, patients, care partners, medical professionals, and advocates participated in a variety of events marking May 10, 2023, as Ependymoma Awareness Day.

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