CERN Foundation Releases Six Videos on Ependymoma

— Categories: Press Release     Posted on June 27, 2010

The CERN Foundation is excited to announce the launch of six new video segments featuring discussion from CERN Members on various issues relating to ependymoma.

Careful planning between Patient Advocates and Medical Professionals helped to create an outline of important discussion topics. The topics include a CERN Foundation Introduction, Ependymoma Overview, Ependymoma Pathology Report, Research on Ependymoma, Symptoms and Diagnosis of Ependymoma, and Treatment Options for Ependymoma. We are thankful for the time and effort given by all CERN Members to create these valuable videos and we know the ependymoma community will greatly appreciate them.

The videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. The videos will also be released individually on our Facebook page for fans to view.

The CERN Foundation is a dedicated group of scientists and adult and pediatric neuro-oncologists working in concert to find a cure for ependymoma, a type of brain tumor. Ependymoma is a type of tumor of the brain and spinal cord that affects both adults and children. Historically, the biology of ependymoma has been understudied, contributing to the lack of alternative treatments for patients with this disease. Members are chosen for their scholarly excellence and their commitment to cooperative research efforts. CERN Members are in constant communication and collaboration, which allows current research findings and clinical knowledge to be shared.

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