CERN Investigators Publish Paper About Mood Disturbance In Glioma Patients

— Categories: CERN Research Articles     Posted on July 1, 2013

Patients diagnosed with primary brain tumors such as ependymoma and glioma experience psychological distress throughout the illness trajectory. Determining which patient characteristics are associated with more severe mood disturbance throughout the course of the illness can help identify patients at risk and assist in developing targeted interventions based on these factors.

This study reports that newly diagnosed patients have higher overall mood disturbance than those in active treatment or follow-up – but all groups reported significant mood disturbance, including anxiety and depressive symptoms. Factors other than the tumor diagnosis impacted mood and varied based on disease status.  These including concomitant medications, social support and income. These study results are informative for researchers and clinicians planning interventions to help patients and families manage mood disturbance.

To Read the PubMed Abstract of this article, click here.

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