CERN Investigators Publish Paper on Ependymoma Outcomes in Cancer Journal

— Categories: CERN Research Articles     Posted on November 15, 2011

A study by the CERN Foundation, led by researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center and University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, has reported on the clinical course and current health status from one of the largest cohorts of adults with ependymoma.

This research has been published in the prominent scientific journal Cancer and was authored by Terri S. Armstrong, PhD, an associate professor and John S. Dunn Distinguished Professor in Oncology Nursing at UTHSC-SON and Adjunct Associate Professor in Neuro-Oncology at MDACC. The study’s other authors are Elizabeth Vera-Bolanos, MS, a Senior Research Assistant with CERN and Mark R. Gilbert, MD.

The key findings of the research include that there is a significant symptom burden experienced by patients despite no re-growth of the tumor and that there are varied treatment approaches as well as a variety of physicians caring for adults with ependymoma. Patients experienced symptoms for months before diagnosis was made, and over 1/3 of patients report significant fatigue, numbness/tingling, and pain. For the 118 patients who participated, over 68 different physicians from a variety of medical disciplines, including neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, family practitioners, oncologists and neuro-oncologists were providing care and follow-up.

Understanding the impact of ependymoma on patients is an important component of the CERN Foundation’s mission. This survey was open to any adult with an ependymoma, and registration occurred through the CERN website. People living with ependymoma themselves participated in the survey and answered questions. This patient involvement is critically important to CERN, as we strive to understand the issues people face during diagnosis and treatment. Participation in the EOP survey is on-going.

Read the PubMed Article, click here.

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