Increased Expression of Tumor-associated Antigens in Pediatric and Adult Ependymomas: Implication for Vaccine Therapy

— Categories: Ependymoma Research Articles     Posted on January 9, 2013

A group of investigators at the University of Pittsburgh are investigating a peptide-based vaccine therapy targeting EphA2, IL-13Ra2, and Survinin for the treatment of pediatric tumors. This study explored whether these targets are overexrpressed in ependymoma as they are in other gliomas.

Only 3 of 19 pediatric cases were positive for two or fewer tumor-associated antigens (TAAs), whereas, 16 of 19 cases were positive for three or more TAAs. In the 13 adult cases, all 13 demonstrated positive staining for EphA2, IL-13Rα2, and Survivin. These results indicate expression of these markers, and the potential application of immunotherapy in ependymoma.

To read PubMed Abstract, click here.

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