The CERN Foundation Launches New Website

— Categories: Press Release     Posted on January 19, 2017

The CERN Foundation is committed to improving the care and outcome of people with ependymoma. In order to better reach this goal, CERN underwent an intensive website redevelopment process.

With help from Antistatic Design, we focused on providing more resources for patients and caregivers, better communication and an improved user experience.
Amy, a caregiver and mom, shared this about the CERN Foundation’s website, "the site provided me with a wealth of knowledge. There is so much information; between research, studies, and families’ stories. I never had to feel alone. I took refuge in the information provided in those early days of my son’s diagnosis. It was scary, but with knowledge, I felt I had taken some of the power back. I wasn’t quite as helpless.”
After users visit the site, we hope they will feel empowered by knowledge and apply this knowledge to their own experiences with ependymoma. The CERN Foundation website is frequently updated with information for the patient and medical community and is viewed by users all around the world. To help the CERN Foundation continue to offer these types of services, please consider making a donation and sharing with others!

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