Two Publications Address Complications of Therapy in Children and Adults

— Categories: Ependymoma Research Articles     Posted on August 10, 2011

Two recent publications address the complications of therapy for people with ependymoma. Researchers explored the impact of location of tumor and radiation on cognitive and psychological outcomes in 23 children with ependymoma.

Results from this study suggest that the location of the tumor impacts cognitive function from the time of diagnosis with radiation having less effect. Children who had cognitive difficulties at baseline were more likely to have worsening over time. Although the study is limited by the small sample size and differences in treatment approach, it does raise an important topic that warrants further study.

The second report summarizes what is known about potential complications of surgery for spinal ependymoma. Serious side effects include loss of sensation in the arms or legs, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and leakage of spinal fluid. The authors conclude recognition and monitoring for these complications is essential and may assist in prevention and improve patient quality of life.

To read the articles, please follow the links below:

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