CERN Foundation Releases People of CERN Series

— Categories: Press Release     Posted on September 26, 2016

This series of short films, produced by the CERN Foundation, aims to humanize the experience of ependymoma by sharing real people's stories and ultimately raising awareness about this rare form of brain and spinal cancer.

These stories are produced by award-winning filmmakers Anthony Mathile, Stacey Lee and Daniel Phakos.

People of CERN: Maci's Story

In this short film, we meet Maci and Emma; two sisters whose lives were irrevocably affected by an ependymoma diagnosis in 2014.

People of CERN: Jennifer's Story

In this short film, we meet Jennifer; who had to stop working due to her ependymoma treatment effects, but now focuses on spending quality time with her two daughters and husband.

People of CERN: Matilda's Story

In this short film, we meet Matilda; who was first diagnosed with an ependymoma when she was 15-months-old and shares a poem about how her diagnosis has impacted her. 

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