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Terri Armstrong

CERN Advisor

Terri Armstrong

Senior Investigator, Patient Outcomes Program
Neuro-Oncology Branch, Center Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland


B.S.N, Akron University, Akron, Ohio, 1987
M.S., The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1993
N.P., The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1995
Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston, School of Nursing, Houston, Texas, 2005


Certified Specialist as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, ANCC

Clinical & Research Interests

Gauging impact of treatment on symptoms, health related quality of life and neurocognitive functions in patients with primary brain tumors, evaluation of toxicities of therapy, symptom cluster analysis.

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