Ependymoma Clinical Trials

Clinical trials evaluate the safety and effectiveness of investigational cancer therapies.

All standard treatments are a result of past clinical trials. Get more information about clinical trials.

CERN Foundation

Includes a list of historical CERN supported clinical trials for ependymoma with links to publications and reports.

National Cancer Institute

Includes a current list of NCI-supported clinical trials. These studies are sponsored or otherwise financially supported by National Cancer Institute. This database allows you to search by location, cancer type, treatment type, keyword or by trial phase. Go directly to the NCI-CONNECT website for clinical studies that are open for eligible ependymoma patients.


The National Library of Medicine (part of the National Institutes of Health) maintains this interactive database to help people locate clinical trials.

National Brain Tumor Society

The NBTS Clinical Trial finder is an online tool designed specifically to connect brain tumor patients with open trials that might be suitable.


Includes a current list of the major international or national clinical trials available online.

Check our social media pages for current clinical trial updates.

Looking for ependymoma treatment centers?

At the CERN Foundation, we encourage all ependymoma patients to seek a medical opinion with neuro-oncologists that have experience with this disease.

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