Learn How to Participate in A Clinical Trial

To participate in clinical trials, a patient first works with their medical provider to determine which clinical trials are available to meet their specific needs and to find out if they meet the inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Giving Informed Consent

Once it is established that the patient is an appropriate candidate for a trial, they will then complete the informed consent process prior to officially joining the trial. The informed consent process provides the main facts about a trial and a document addressing all aspects of the trial, including risks, benefits and other related details. Informed consent continues throughout the trial.

Prescreening For Clinical Trials

Depending upon the medication or treatment being used in the trial, there may be a prescreening process involved that may include such things as a history and physical and sometimes, additional procedures/imaging studies are required.

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At the CERN Foundation, we encourage all ependymoma patients to seek a medical opinion with neuro-oncologists that have experience with this disease.

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