Developing a Written Survivorship Care Plan

The survivorship care plan in the book From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition also includes a written follow-up plan incorporating evidence-based standards of care.

The plan contains the following information:

  • Likely course of recovery from treatment-related side effects
  • Need for ongoing, additional therapy
  • Recommended cancer screenings, any other tests and how often they should be performed
  • Possible long-term or delayed treatment-related side effects and symptoms to watch for
  • Possible signs of recurrence and second cancers
  • Specific recommendations for healthy behaviors, such as diet, exercise, eliminating any smoking habits and weight management
  • The use of natural or laboratory-made substances to prevent, inhibit or reverse the development of cancer
  • Genetic testing, if appropriate, to learn of genetic susceptibility to cancers
  • Possible effects of cancer on relationships, work or finances and ways to get help
  • Referrals to specific follow-up care providers and supportive services
  • A list of cancer-related resources and information

Source: PinnacleCare

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