2019 End of Year Update

— Categories: Press Release     Posted on December 20, 2019

Hear a few of the important projects and activities the CERN Foundation was able to participate in 2019.

Greetings CERN Community,

As the year comes to an end, I want to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the important projects and activities the CERN Foundation was able to participate in thanks to your support. This year has offered unique and encouraging opportunities for the ependymoma community. I am always humbled by the wonderful people CERN is privileged to interact with.

Many of these efforts have a synergistic relationship that helps to put ependymoma on the forefront of discussion and agenda. We have incredibly valuable relationships with medical professionals, other professional organizations, and advocacy groups that continue to be useful and meaningful in advancing the next steps for ependymoma research. There is exciting work being done by our CERN Advisors, all based on work previously supported by the CERN Foundation. Our foundation was the catapult to launch the current work being done in the rare disease space and many remark the unique relationships that were developed over the years have been instrumental in new efforts that have grown beyond our organization. This is worth celebrating!  

I always pause when writing the closing of the end of year letter. While I want to communicate my enthusiasm for the efforts and dedication of our community, I know some of you reading this find yourself in a very difficult season. I have been there too, in my own way, and there aren’t words or solutions I can offer right now that are enough. Rather, it is my wish that you might find a thread of hope in this message for the good things to come. Best wishes for a warm and bright 2020.




Kim Wallgren

President of the CERN Foundation

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